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Di Basta Menudo

I have always found other Menudos boring. Pork in tomato sauce with some potatoes and carrots. Not exciting. Wait 'til you get a hold of Di Basta Menudo.


Killer Kaldereta

There are kalderetas and there is Killer Kaldereta.
Beef, potatoes, carrots, olives, pickles and chorizo stewed to perfection. 'Nuff said.

Nanay's Bestsellers


Roast Beef

Slivers of beef served with mushroom gravy.

Meat and gravy. Simple. Mouthwatering. You'll be back for more.

Crazy Mama Cooking.png

How it went CRAZY

2020 is a doozy.

Who'd have thought we'd start the year with a pandemic of epic proportions? Locked inside our homes and waiting for things to settle down, we realize how crazy things can get when we start craving our favorites.

Fortunately, mom is a great cook and now we deliver too.

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